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There is a lot of talk about energy. This issue is one of the most disputed topics that does not cut cleanly along party lines. Our energy production and delivery is cleaner, and more efficient than ever. The free market has brought us LED lighting and electric cars. Our approach to the production of electricity is not on the correct path.

We have become far too biased towards solar and wind, which use up vast tracts of land and do not produce the reliable energy that we need. I believe in the promise of nuclear power. Nuclear power is 100% carbon free, has almost no footprint compared to wind or solar and has been proven to be nearly 100% safe. My balanced
approach would be this, I would push for the replacement of our current coal fired power with a balance of nuclear, wind and solar.


New or expanded nuclear production must be on the table. I believe we are at the beginning of a renaissance in regards to how we move people and freight, it seems that electrics will be
the future, we will need expanded electrical capacity to supply that need. I am a car guy, I really do like the roar of a big block, I like the way my Duramax pulls up a hill, but in time technology will open many new doors that can be just as exciting. I do not believe in mass transit, I believe in personal transit which with the coming promise of cleaner energy, personal flight, electric self-driving cars, etc. I believe we can live more free not less free and
protect the environment at the same time.

Sustainable Energy